Welcome to the  Wonderful World  of Stray Cats  of Second Life

When the stats go RED there is a problem

 Things to Check:

 1.  Out of Food or Milk?

 2.  Food & milk not in the cat’s range?           

 3.  Check food/milk bowls (right-click, edit) and in the description line -

       are they V3 ?      (Older V2 no longer work, for over a year now.)

 3.  Are your cats the correct version?     Current version is 1.44.

 4.  Do you have too many cats per set of bowls?   10-12 is recommended

      max per bowl.   Three (3) cats can eat together at the same time/same

      bowl, so like real cats, the others have to wait their turn.

5.   IF you have food, but do not have milk, their stats will go orange.   

      They are fed, but not happy without milk.   

      Happiness is necessary when you wish to breed your cats.  

      However, if you do not wish to breed, it is not a necessity, but you will       have orange text.    If the hovertext color goes to red, then they have       run out of food or they are not eating for some reason.

      Remember, no food consumption for 4.5 days in-world, and

      their text goes BLACK as they are sick.  They will now need a health kit.

I have food and/or milk, but they are not eating?

Always try this first:

 1.  Set cats home position and then TP home (using our HUD is easiest)

 2.  Take bowls into inventory and re-rez them out.  

A quick reconnection to the server will mostly likely get them going again :)

3.   Try picking up your cats, and setting out 3 at a time.   Let them eat, then drink, and when back to green, put out another 3.    Putting out all at once may overwhelm the bowls scripts.   Also by setting them out in little bunches, their feeding timings will be a little offset, and that will be easier on your bowls too.

4.  It might be that you are having land issues (gotta love SL sometimes).

Feel free to take your kitties to our Bast sim and rez them there temporarily to eat.

Perhaps doing a land restart will fix your issue.

We have noticed that sometimes scripts maybe be off on some regions.  If scripts cannot run, your cats will not be able to eat/drink or animate.

Stats, Symbols and Colors


Stats are green when first born,

and will remain green for 8 days,

until after their Love/Desire has

reached 100% when it will turn blue.

At age 5 days old, their Love/Desire

will start to build.  An additional ♥ line

will appear at the bottom of their stats.  

Heat takes 3 days to reach 100%.


Stats will turn light blue when

Love/Desire has reached 100%.

She is ready to mate now.


For Females, stats will turn

pink when pregnant.  

Pregnancy lasts 72 hours.

After this, the stats turn a soft

White color as they go into a

24 hour cooldown period.

After that, it’s back to green stats

as they begin to gain heat again.

Note:   During periods where we are running random-drop LEs (Limited Edition kitties), the pregnancy time is only 2 hours (120 mins)  so you know right away if you are having one!


For Males, the stats will also turn blue when they are ready to mate.  They will go back to white after he has mated and start the 24 hour cool-down, and then back to green as Love/Desire is rebuilding.


Current Version is 1.44a