StrayCats Mandatory Update v1.44+

This update is required to have your cats communicate with our new server.   

Any versions 1.43 or earlier will not know how to do this without updating to v1.44+.


Get the Latest V1.44a (1.1) Updater at CATS-HQ.    

It is the most current available.



Rez out the Updater provided.

A large blue circle is shown.  This is the range of the Updater. Cats and kittens go on this circle.  

We ask that you test your Updater initially with just a couple cats, to make sure it is functioning properly for you and that your sim is working properly too.

Then you can do batches of up to 30 cats/kittens/shells at a time.

Please put up to 30 shells or cats in the circle for updating.

Click the Updater,  choose 'Kittens (shells)' or 'Cats' depending on what you put in the circle.    And wait.  

Each one will be replaced with 1.44 versions.  

*Please know that when updating LIVE CATS they will come out the server updated in kitten size.  This is normal, and it will take about an hour, but they will pop back to normal size.    The size will not have any effect on their breeding or dropping babies.


Not more than 30 cats/shells at a all.   

The server may be overwhelmed with more requests than that, and kittens will be lost.

In local chat the Updater will show which kitties it is doing.  You will see their IDs posted as they update.  If any do not appear for you, please note them in a NC and send to Nic to retrieve for you.

If all are finished and showing 1.44a but the Updater is saying 'please wait'  you can pick it up and put it back out.   

Then on to the next batch.


The 1.44+ cats will need new bowls V3.   They cannot eat from the V2 bowls.

So please delete your old bowls using the bowls menu, so that the food/milk stored inside them goes back onto your account in the server.

GET NEW BOWLS with the Cat HUD v1.44 or at HQ.  There is also a bowls giver at Cat HQ.

Old versions, 1.43 or earlier, cannot eat from the new V3 bowls.


Once the cats have been updated, their settings revert to the normal default settings for all cats, that is:   

Range 15m, Auto-Breed On, Accessories Off, Movement Off, Animations & Sounds On, Birth messages On.

Please adjust their settings using your v1.44 HUD or the cats menu as needed.


After using the Updater, you will notice that the cats and shells are now labeled a little differently.  We did that so that you could easily detect them in your inventory from the old ones (that still need updating).

Old v1.43 and earlier versions - Shells = 'Stray Cats Unborn Kitten - "

New v1.44+ = "Stray Cats Kitten - "

Live cats, old v1.43 = 'Stray Cat - name of cat '

New v1.44+ live cats = 'Stray Cats - name '   (has an S)

You will notice a few little visible changes with this update.

    1.  You can now use up to 26 characters in naming your cats.

    2.  The pregnancy-pink color is now more defined and noticeable.

There is other stuff, but that is 'under the hood' allowing us abilities for future expansion.


ABOUT SPECIAL or FLOOK/FLUKE KITTIES:  For those of you that have 'special' server-burp kitties - those kitties that didn't come out quite right, that you wish to keep the mistake (lol), please take a clear screenshot please (so we can read the writing), with the cat and it's traits.  

Write the cat's and your information and the screenshot link in a Notecard for us, so that we can 'recreate' the mistake for you, after the Update.

If the Updater seems to have stalled or stopped and is not progressing, please  pick it up and re-rez it and do it again.

When updating, if you have any issues with a particular cat, it probably needs special attention.  

Please contact Nic in-world to get it looked at.

   Some messages you might get:

  ~The pet specified does not exist.                                 - Means that cat has been destinied.  

(Version: 812c ID: 0 Error ID: 394587, Code: 6)               Sometimes with LL sim maintenance and Rollbacks, shells might get

                                                                                          duplicated.  You can simply delete that one.


  ~Saying it’s a duplicate.                                                 - Get to Nic.  She will re-pull a new original for you.




We are still seeing people selling old versions.  Please be courteous to your fellow breeders and UPDATE.

Any of you with 1.43 or earlier versions of cats, you MUST update them to Version 1.44.

For all v1.44 cats, you need V3 bowls.   (Old V2 bowls no longer work -  Please delete them, and REMEMBER,

your foods are stored on the server in your account.  V3 bowls will automatically load your food and milk.)


If you do still have older versions, you can update them if they are yours.   

You CANNOT update older cats/shells if they were given to you or purchased AFTER November 1, 2020.

Please contact Nic (Nicolyti Resident) to update for you.

Do NOT BUY OR SELL v1.43 or earlier versions of cats. Their ownership will NOT change.  They will not work.

LEARN ABOUT UPDATE v1.44a and v1.44b