StrayCats Optional Update v1.44a (slight variant of 1.44)

Available at Cats-HQ.    

This is an OPTIONAL update, so you don't have to update any cats or kittens that you don't want to.  

If you do decide to update, and have some special cats or kittens, such as Flooks, please take a screenshot of the cat that shows its unique characteristic before updating.  You will then need to contact Nic or Stray to get your cat or kitten re-flooked after the update.  


The 1.44a version number will be displayed in the cat or kittens hovertext, as well as when traits are shown from the menu's "Traits" option.

1.44a cats will mate with 1.44 cats. and will eat from the same bowls (V3).



1.   Market Listing Option in Cats/kittens menus.

When using this, the SLURL will automatically be set at the location of the cat when this option is used.

2.   Confirmation message on name changes and market listings and de-listings for cats and kittens.

3,   The partner will be cleared on ownership change for the cat that is transferred.

4.   Orange text color for thirsty (no milk) only.

5.   URL to our website in Help Menu (previously pointed to old one).

The size of the Updater's range circle seems so big, but is in keeping with LSL whisper range of 10m.  Please remember to place your cats or kittens, never both kinds at the same time please, on the actual Updater circle.

With this update, you will notice that the updated cats are returned higher (in the air) to indicate that they are finished.  You can pick them up if you like, even though the updater is still working.  This height differential helps you visually but also helps the Updater keep track of which cats it has already done/not done.

Please place no more than 25 cats or kittens out at one time (not both at the same time).

♦♦♦ In More Detail ♦♦♦

In Live Cats:

There is an internal timer in the cats scripts that may activate a delay at certain times to prevent too much interaction with the webserver in a short amount of time.  If the user tries to make certain changes while this timer is active, such as renaming the cat, or changing its market status, the change may not be sent to the webserver.  Previously, the user would have no way of knowing this, and may find that the cat's name on Webtools has not been changed to match the new name inworld.

Now, if the change was sent to the webserver, the cat will "reply" with a confirmation message.  If that message is not seen, it is recommended to wait at least 5 minutes and try again.

Partner changes may also not be sent to the web server because of the previously mentioned communication delay, but we feel at this time that it's not a critical issue, and doesn't need a verification message.  However, you will receive a confirmation of a partner change inworld, which does not mean it was confirmed on the server, or even the partner paired.  Please always check your cats directly.  Partnerships are handled by the internal cat scripts inworld when breeding, and while the partner changes may not be saved on the web server, that might only be an issue if a new copy is created by the owner by using a potion, like the shade shampoo, resizer, updater or anything else that generates a new copy of your cat.  When using one of theses items, you may wish to check the cats partner afterwards if you had one set.

The partner will be cleared on ownership change for the cat that is transferred.

* New!  The cats' menu now includes a secondary "Market" menu, where you can list and de-list your cat on the Webtools Market.  Because cats can be listed and de-listed from Webtools, and because of the way the code works to communicate with the server, there currently is no way for the cat to indicate what its market status is.  But if you "list" a cat that is already listed, or de-list one that has already been de-listed, it won't hurt anything.  If the communication was successful, you should receive a confirmation message.  If not, wait at least 5 minutes before trying again.  Cats can still be listed or de-listed from Webtools.

*Newish*  Orange "Thirsty" code

The code that handles the color of the hovertext when a cat is hungry or thirsty has been changed.  Previously, when a cat was without food or milk, the hovertext color would change from green to yellow to orange to red.  Red meant there was a serious problem, and if the cat was out of food, it was at risk for getting sick (black text).  However, if the cat had food but ran out of milk, the text would still turn red even though the cat would not get sick as long as it has enough food.  So the code was changed to "stay" at orange if there is food but not enough milk.  Milk is not necessary for the general health of your cat, but it is necessary for happiness to breed.   Orange hovertext still means it's a good idea to check on your cat, especially if you are trying to build happiness, but being out of milk should no longer cause unnecessary panic.

* Fixed! The URL to the current website has been corrected on the cats' and kittens' Help menu.

In Kittens:

* New! Market Buttons have been added to the kittens' menus.  They work the same as the buttons for the cats, and should produce a confirmation message if the listing/de-listing was successful.  If there was no message, wait at least 5 minutes and try again.  Kittens can also still be listed or de-listed from Webtools.



We looked into an "Unpartner All" option on the Cat HUD, and decided that it wasn't going to work the way we wanted.  Because of Second Life scripting limitations, the cats would have to be done in batches of 15 maximum, and confirming every cat individually would be awkward.  Since relying on something that may not be 100% accurate could produce "breeding surprises", at this time we are recommending that cats be split individually from their menus.

We also looked at the issue where if "Cat A" is Split (unpartnered) from "Cat B", Cat B doesn't reflect that change.  Cat B may be in inventory, in another region, have a new owner (who then partnered Cat B with "Cat C", or be Destinied, so coordinating all the code-communication and confirmations between both cats and the webserver would prove a real challenge.  For now the best option is to unpartner each cat from their individual menus.

We looked at the possibility of having the cat's ID number being added automatically to the cat (or kittens) "object name", but ultimately decided that it was a feature that not many would really be interested in.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Nic♥ to assist you.   


Rez out the Updater provided.

A large blue circle is shown.  This is the range of the Updater. Cats and kittens go on this circle.  

We ask that you do an initial test with your Updater with just a couple cats, to make sure it is functioning properly for you and that your sim and scripts are working properly too.

Then you can do batches of up to 25 cats/kittens at a time.

Please put up to 25 shells or cats on the circle for updating.

Click the Updater,  choose 'Kittens (shells)' or 'Cats' depending on what you put on the circle.    And wait.  

Each one will be replaced with 1.44a versions.  

*Please note that when LIVE CATS come out of the Updater, they will be kitten size (small).  This is normal.  

They will function normally, even mate, give birth etc., and will pop to full adult size within an hour.


Not more than 25 cats/shells at a all.   

The server may be overwhelmed with more requests than that, and kittens might get lost between SL and our server.

In local chat the Updater will show which kitties it is doing.  You will see all their IDs posted.  If any do not appear or seem to be missing, please note them in a NC and send to Nic to retrieve for you.

If all are finished and showing 1.44a but the Updater is saying 'please wait' or seems to be still ‘thinking’, you can pick up the updated cats/kittens and the Updater and put the Updater back out to reset it for the next batch.

If the Updater seems to have stalled or stopped and is not progressing, please  pick it up and re-rez it and do it again.

Issues When updating?   If you have any issues with a particular cat, it probably needs special attention.  

Please contact Nic in-world to get it looked at.

Some messages you might get:

   The pet specified does not exist.                                 - Means that cat has been destinied.  

(Version: 812c ID: 0 Error ID: 394587, Code: 6)               Sometimes with LL sim maintenance and Rollbacks, shells might get

                                                                                          duplicated.  You can simply delete that one.

   ~Saying it’s a duplicate.                                               - Get to Nic.  She will re-pull a new original for you.



You may see this version around.  It is a version of v1.44a that also contains a riding script.  That is the only difference with v1.44a.   You will still need the riding potion, available at HQ, to actually execute this option.  That potion will increase the cat’s size to approx. Horse size, and give you the tool necessary to ride.

Please remember - babies will be born as the same version as their mothers.