Second Life’s Cutest Cat Breedable Ever!

Stray Cats Breedable

First, we would like to welcome you to the Stray Cats Family!!!!

You made a wonderful choice to own and/or breed these adorable kitties!

Best Breedable in Second Life!!!

The First Steps with new ownership:

When you get your very first Stray Kitten, it will most probably be a ‘shell’, unless someone gives you or you purchase a live cat.    

A shell is simply a baby kitten not awakened yet.   

These are safe to store in inventory forever.   In facts, all Stray cats, alive or shell, are safe in inventory.   They never die.

Live cats put into inventory will have red text, meaning

they are hungry when you take them out of inventory,

but a few minutes with their food and milk, and their text will

be green and happy again.


In-world (in Second Life) - rez it on the ground.  

Click on it and choose “Wake Me Up!” In the menu.

Ta Da!    It is now a live kitty :)

In the Shell Menu  →

♦You can rename it, if you plan to store for a while.

♦You can turn its Traits on or off from showing (these

Appear above the shell inworld)

♦u can click on Parents, and see who they were.

♦he Help button will give you a link to our website.

Now that you have awoken the baby, the KITTEN IS ALIVE :)

Now that your kitten is alive, it will have a slightly different menu.  

What do I do now?

♦The first thing you will do is click ‘Give HUD’.

You will need this HUD to get the food bowls to feed

Your kitten.

There is no place to go buy food/milk bowls or foods.  

You do it all through our Cat HUD.

♦Add the Cat HUD v1.44 to yourself now.

♦Click ‘Menu’ on the Cat HUD.   

There choose ‘getfoodbowl’ and ‘getmilkbowl’.  You will need both.

♦Once you have the two bowls, rez them out from inventory.  You will be asked to “Allow” Permissions.

Please ‘Allow Permissions’, or you will not be able to buy food.

These bowls are basically vendors and feeders and will purchase and place food on your server account with us which is where your cats are linked into.

Ready to get food and milk?    Just Right Click, Pay the bowls.

A single supply is 150L  for food, 100L for milk.

A single supply will last one Cat for approx. 30 days. (One month)

The Range on the bowls is set at 20 meters by default.  

If you have cats spread out further than that, you will need additional bowls out.  

You can adjust the range on the cats to something larger, to expand this default range.  

The range is found in settings on the cat’s menu, or you can use ‘Range’ on your Cat HUD v1.44 and type in say ‘30’ and that will be the new range for your kitties.

NOTE:  You should not put out tons of bowls.  One set of bowls per 10-14 cats is recommended.

With these food and milk bowls, you can rez several around wherever you might have your kitties placed (different sims, auctions, whatever).  

The food and milk information/stats are stored on the server, and the amount you have will be shown in each and every bowl you place out….whether 1 or 15.

You will note there is an S # and an R # on each bowl = together they equal the total about of food / or /milk that you have.  

The S value is what is still on the server in your account; the R value (Rations) is what is in-world at this moment.

The bowls only take a little at a time from your server account, for safety.

Cat Food is essential for your cats growth, without it, they won't have healthy stats for breeding as adults.

Milk is required for their happiness.  This is a must for breeding them.  They must be happy.

If you do not have milk, but do have food, their text will turn ORANGE.   So long as they are not hungry, they are technically okay.  But they will not gain heat without Milk.


LOL Patience!  Your kitten will need 5 days to grow and mature.  

You will see it getting a little bigger over these days.

Once 5 days old, an additional line at the bottom of their stats with show a ♥ line.  That is for Heat/Pregnancy/Cooldown.   

At 5 days old they will start to gain Heat.  It takes 72 hours to get to 100% heat.   

Once there, their text will turn BLUE, and they are ready to mate.

In the Cat’s menu, under ‘Mating’, you can choose a specific mate for it.  This can be done anytime, as soon as they are alive (not shell).

♦ Simply Choose the Partner by clicking on a nearby cat of the opposite sex to mate with.  That cat’s info will appear now, showing it’s mated to that one.   And now wait………..

When they are ready, both at 100% Heat (blue text) they will mate.

The female’s text will then turn light pink (now pregnant).    Normal pregnancy is 72 hours long (3 days).   

Sometimes when we are having LE drops (special Limited Editions, like for holidays), LE pregnancies are only 2 hours.

The male that just mated will have white text and will be in a 24 hour cooldown before he starts to gain heat again.

Similarly, the female, after giving birth, will go into a 24 hour cooldown before she starts gaining heat again.

Because of the timing, it is best ratio for maximum breeding is 1 male/2 females.

You are now on your way!!!

Can’t wait to see your wonderful kitties - make sure you post in the Cat Group and share!

There is lots more to discover, so take your time and wander around our website.

In-world, in group chat, we have CSRs and many folk who will be happy to assist you with answers.

A shell example

Where Do I Start?