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Welcome to the  Wonderful World  of Stray Cats  of Second Life

Stray Cats is proud to help support and brag about our excellent breeders!

Join our monthly breeding contest and win prizes!

Your cat submissions are calculated mathematically to reflect

quality over quantity for trait values…..

Please read all about it here!

No results for October.  Not enough participants.  

November submissions are open until December 2nd!    

Send to Nic♥ inworld!

Latest Pelts Added:

Faboo Skelly - Inverse

Faboo Fawn - Mango

Faboo Koala - Ruddy

Faboo Tiger - Lemon

Abyssinian - Aurora Blue

Breeding Excellence Award Monthly Contest

Did you know that you can search for specific kitties IDs by using the Search-Description option in your SL inventory?

Open your inventory.

Click on the gear (settings) ‘to the left of the + sign low down’

Look about ¼ of the way down and you will find ‘Search By’  - Choose Description.  

In the white box at the top, type in the ID you are looking for, like 790022 and hit ‘enter’.

Pretty darn cool!

Don’t forget to go back to the gear (settings) and change the Search By back to ‘Name’.

Tip !

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What’s Going on?

Look for new every 1st Monday of the month!

RFL Winter Event Is OPEN!

Runs December 1-10, 2023 - look for in-world notice for location

This year Strays is releasing, exclusive at this event,

LEs (Limiteds) that will start off our new 9th trait, WHISKERS!

There will be 3 LEs each with a different new whisker,

Bushy - Spikey - French Curl

These LEs will have the visible new whiskers, and hidden is Standard

Whiskers.  These new whiskers will breed genetically from the mother

and father like our other traits.   Your existing cats that only have 8 possible  traits, have standard-looking whiskers, and do not have the DNA for the 9th whiskers trait.   Breeding your 8-trait cats with 9-trait cats will produce

offspring that now carry the 9th whiskers trait.

We need to breed this new 9th trait into our population :)


We are announcing this now, as you will need the time to breed for

participation.   Please read the information here -)

What terrific babies you will make!!!