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Happy Spring!

Second Life’s Best Cat Breedable!

Stray Cats is proud to celebrate excellence in breeding!

We have such wonderful breeders!  Well done you all!

Join our monthly breeding contest and win prizes!

Your cat submissions are calculated mathematically to reflect

quality over quantity for trait values….. Please read all about it here!

April 2024 Results are IN!  

1st Place - Uni King (Unitoon22)

2nd Place - Moonlight Sprinkles

3rd - Cat (CathrynDawn)


Remember to submit your kitten info for May by June 2, 2024

Send to Nic♥ inworld!

Latest Pelts Added

Faboo Fox - Lemon/Sorbet

Faboo Lion - Copper

Tortoiseshell & White - Titanium

Faboo Raccoon - Pink

Faboo Panda - Red/White

Breeding Excellence Monthly Contest

Did you know that you can search for specific kitties IDs by using the Search-Description option in your SL inventory?

Open your inventory.

Click on the gear (settings) ‘to the left of the + sign low down’

Look about ¼ of the way down and you will find ‘Search By’  - Choose Description.  

In the white box at the top, type in the ID you are looking for, like 790022 and hit ‘enter’.

Pretty darn cool!

Don’t forget to go back to the gear (settings) and change the Search By back to ‘Name’.

Tip !

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What’s Going on?

Look for new every 1st Monday of the month!

Newest Fairy Release is OUT!

Our Nature Fairy is now available at HQ!

This one will pass the new pelt colors MINT GREEN & BUTTER

onto the 4 Heart breeds, Harlequin and the MooCows!

Also brings the new Dandelion eye and new shade “Ombre Mint”

Available for purchase with 10k Stray Points

We have reached a milestone!

1 Million Stray Cats have been born!  Oh My!

To commemorate this we have released a special LE,

our Jubilee Limited Special.  A free pet is available to everyone at our main shop.   A breedable version is also available for purchase.

It features a new Diamond Gala eye.

Thank you for being with us on this amazing journey!

April 2024 Winning Cat

Pelt: Faboo Panda - White/Red

Eye Color: Midnight Magic

Eye Shape: Mystical

Pupil: None

Ears: Short

Tail: Puff

Shade: Red Flare

Body: Slender

Whiskers: French Curl