StrayCats Breedable T.O.S


Acceptance of the Terms

The following terms and conditions of our services are between the user and Stray Cats Breedable concerning the participation and purchase of all Stray Cats and its cat products. Please READ our Terms of Service before participating in or using our Stray Cats Breedable.

By purchasing our cats, User agrees to our terms of use and the conditions of service as set forth below.  If you do not agree to any of the following terms, please do not use, purchase, or participate otherwise in our Stray Cats Breedable.

Changes to this Agreement

Stray Cats Breedable may update or change these terms and conditions from time to time and recommends that the user of our services review the Terms and Conditions on a regular basis.  Continued use of our service constitutes acceptance of the revised terms.

Description of Services

1. Stray Cats Breedable

Stray Cats are only available on the Second Life platform, as content created for their grid and therefore using their in-game currency ‘Lindens’.

The SL user/customer acknowledges that the service being provided by Stray Cats Breedable is breedable cats, available AS IS and AS AVAILABLE basis.  The cats may occasionally contain errors or inaccuracies that could cause failures (data corruption or loss of information from Second Life usage or other unexpected issues).  Stray Cats Breedable is not obligated or responsible to compensate a user for any such disruption in the service, however every effort will be made to replace the 'broken' cat for a new working version.

User will assume all risks and all costs associated with using our Stray Cats Breedable, including, without limitation to purchasing our cats, reselling cats, purchasing any and all Stray Cats Breedable products from the store, and foods required for the good health and continuation of Stray Cats performance.  Any and all user investments into the Stray Cats Breedable services is strictly the choice and responsibility of the user.

2. Updating Requirements

The user acknowledges that we may need to perform updates, backups, server adjustments from time to time.  This may or may not cause interruption in the service.  If an update is in place, we will inform the users via notices in our Second Life groups and on our website at, requiring all users to update their Stray Cats Breedable cats to the latest version. Stray Cats Breedable is not responsible for any user who does not update their cats as updating cats is the responsibility of the user.

3. Changes in Service

Stray Cats Breedable will provide notice of any major changes to the service by posting them on its website ( and/or via these Terms of Services. Participant agrees that Stray Cats Breedable shall not be liable to the user or any third party for any modification, termination, or interruption of the service.

Stray Cats Breedable Store Policies

1. No Refunds

Once an item or cat is purchased, there will be no refund.  

2. No Exchanges

Once an item or cat is purchased, there will be no exchanges of any items. Stray Cats Breedable is not obligated to exchange purchases for any reason, including wrongful purchase, impulse purchasing, disappointed in product, bored of product, not what customer expected, Second Life sim lag, etc.  Stray Cats Breedable is not responsible for purchasing mistakes as all vendors are labeled with the proper information.

3. No Guarantees

When you purchase starter kittens from the Stray Cats Breedable store, you will receive the pelt color and breed you chose. Eyes are random starter/common colors, unless specified otherwise. Stray Cats Breedable does not guarantee that every kitten will contain specific traits.

User Care and Responsibilities

1. Record Keeping of Pet

User is responsible for keeping records of the cats they own.  Stray Cats Breedable will do their best to restore any missing cats to their rightful owners, however Stray Cats Breedable is not obligated or responsible to restore or replace any missing cats if the owner does not keep proper record of their cattery.  Stray Cats Breedable provides an online dashboard for each user's account, where they can see their cats and kittens, via Web Tools, an option on our Cat HUD. The HUD is provided by any live stray cat through their menu.


2. User/Owner Responsibilities

Cats purchased from the Stray Cats Breedable  store or any secondary market or private sale are instantly the responsibility of the owner who has taken them into their care.  Stray Cats Breedable is not responsible to care for, watch, or monitor a users pets.  Stray Cats Breedable understands that unexpected real life occurrences may occur such as sickness or hospitalization, death, financial hardship, etc. but it is the responsibility of the user to provide the necessary care for or make necessary arrangements for their virtual pets.

3. Secondary Market

Stray Cats Breedable permits the use or resale of our virtual cats for the secondary market.   Stray Cats Breedable is not responsible or involved in any way in the users sales to their customers.  The user/seller is responsible for their own dealings when trading, selling, or otherwise managing their cats with another person. Should any situations arise between two owners over their cats (disputes, arguments, disagreements, sniped cats, fraudulent purchases), the situation should be handled between seller and customer to resolve the problem.

StrayCats Breedable will take action towards those that have violated the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Stray Cats Breedable User Policies

1. Stray Cats Breedable - Customer Support

We will do our best to help you reach your cat needs.   The user can either use our Ticket system on our website ( or contacting a CSR for assistance in any of our Stray Cats groups in Second Life, or contact Nicolyti Resident via IM directly in-world for assistance.

Stray Cats Breedable has the right to dismiss any and all customers who are rude or ill mannered towards us during any customer service help.  Please be respectful and understanding when dealing with our staff and we will do the same in return.

2. Tampering and Duplication

Stray Cats Breedable retains the copyrights of our products and their contents. Stray Cats Breedable asks that you do not remove the scripts or the product will break for being tampered with and will NOT be replaced. If there should be any type of illegal duplication of Stray Cats Breedable products, any and all Stray Cats items that are functional by the said owner who abused the system will be deleted from their account and we will result in further possible legal action at the expense of the abuser.

3. Exploiting and Cheating

Exploiting is when you do an act that makes you benefit purely from it and abuse it for self gain.

Stray Cats Breedable takes exploiting VERY seriously and will remove all products/cats a customer has worked hard on obtaining due to exploiting the bug, issues, or another user/customer, etc. Stray Cats Breedable has the right to confiscate all Stray Cats cats and products owned by the user if we discover this, or are given documented proof that someone is exploiting our products. Confiscating cats means Stray Cats Breedable will remove everything owned from the exploiter/persons accused of exploiting without warning, and further may result in banning of any future use and participation.  Stray Cats Breedable logs everything within the products database, and will investigate any SIM/location that we suspect has exploiting behavior. If Stray Cats Breedable is declined access to investigate the SIM/location under suspicion, there will be action taken to stop the exploiter from owning any current cats until there is an explanation and resolution provided by the exploiter.  

Consider this the only warning.

4. Banned Accounts and Alt Accounts

Stray Cats Breedable is NOT responsible for any users Second Life banned accounts or alt accounts. Stray Cats Breedable  is not obligated and will not replace any products due to being banned by Linden Lab.  Any and all Stray Cats Breedable products a user contained on their banned or locked account will not be restored to a users new account.

5. Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

All original designs, textures, scripts, sculpts, and script code content are the intellectual property of Stray Cats Breedable in Second Life ® and may not be unlawfully used in anyway, including but not limited to the content of our website (  Legal action can be taken under the DMCA against any SL resident directly if a user/company is suspected to either have made illegal copies with SL tools (such as copybot), taken/recreated our textures or sculpt work, stolen scripts, or any other illegal activity that could hinder the Stray Cats Breedable business within Second Life ®. Stray Cats Breedable will take immediate legal action if any intellectual property is suspected of being used/stolen.

To better understand intellectual property rights, visit the Second Life website and look up their information regarding TOS and DMCA information.

Second Life Website DMCA

Termination of Service

1. Termination by User/Customer/Participant

A User may terminate their usage of the Stray Cats Breedable services by discontinuing use of the service at any time. Simply stop breeding our product.  Stray Cats Breedable is not obligated or responsible to cover the expenses of the user via these terms and conditions if a user should choose to terminate the service.

2.  Termination by Stray Cats Breedable

Stray Cats Breedable reserves the right to remove a User from our service at any time for improper behavior and/or actions against Stray Cats Breedable or its participating members/users.

Stray Cats are the property of Stray Cats Breedable.


Stray Cats Breedable is not affiliated with Linden Lab.  We are a third party developer participating in the content creation policies offered to users of Second Life.

November 25, 2016