STRAY CATS ~ Breeding Excellence Award - Monthly Contest

Giving Back :)

This is a monthly contest.  Prizes and certificates will be given to the top 3 winners!

The overall 1st place winner award will be also be displayed on our Winning Breeders Wall at CAT-HQ.

~We would respectfully request that you participate in an honorable fashion.  No Alt accounts should be used to create double (or even triple) entries for one person.  If we discover such an occurrence, that person will be disqualified from participation in this contest permanently.

How to Participate:

Each month, if you feel you have a kitten with low rare trait values (can be any number of traits), and it is born in the contest month, you can submit it via notecard to Nic.

    Example - The contest month is December, your submitting kitten must be born in December.

Nic (Nicolyti Resident) does not need the actual kitten, just a Notecard with the following information:

    Your name

    ID of Submitted Cat

    Cat Birthdate

    Cat Traits

    Cat Parents


•  Submissions will be taken through the 2nd of the next month.

    Example, for a December contest, you have until January 2nd, to get your Notecard to Nic.

The winners will be announced on the 5th of each month, and awards given out.



•  There can be only one submission per breeder.  Alts are not allowed.

•  There needs to be a minimum of 6 participants to run the contest each month.

•  The cats do not need to be alive.   Nic does not need to given the actual cat.

•  It is okay to sell your cat, so long as you are the breeder of it.  Please note that on your NC.

    (This will be checked)

•  In the past contest we have noticed certain patterns occurring, wherein people are repeatedly submitting offspring from the same parents, especially if they have won with it.   You cannot submit a full sibling of a previously submitted kitten.   A kitten where one parent is the same is okay.

•  If you win this monthly contest 2 times in a row, you must sit out the next month, to give others a chance.  You can resume after that.

The Judging:

•  No personal opinion is used or considered.

•  All traits will be assessed a value based on rarities.

    How we calculate:

    All traits are looked up at the same time (usually the 5th of the following month) to log their rarity numbers.  These trait/rarity numbers for each cat are all added up then averaged by dividing by the number of traits in the cat.

    Example:  A 6 traited cat is submitted.  Rarity numbers all add up = 3,000 points.

                        3,000/6 traits of the cat = Final Value or 500

Here is a screenshot of a test example so can better see and understand:

We are doing it this way to try and give credit to all the traits of the cat.  

•   In the case of a flook pelt, that pelt rarity will be assessed a value of 700, as we have no way of knowing how many there are.

•   In the unlikely event of a tie, the cat submitted with the lowest traited/rarest pelt, will be given preference.

•  The points are assessed in all 4 categories - Pelts, Eyes, Body parts, Shades



   1st Place - 2500L

   2nd Place - 1500L

   3rd Place - 750L




Nicolyti Resident



Stray Cats Breedables reserves the right to cancel this contest at any time.  If such a cancellation occurs, it would be immediately after the completion of the current contest, never in the middle of it.  

Sometimes life just gets busy, and it is not always possible to maintain SL activities consistently.  

But we are sure going to try!