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Stray Cats Cat Food

Food is essential for keeping your cat fed and healthy, this is considered it's Nourishment. ☁

100% Nourishment is GOOD, while 0% Nourishment is BAD.  All cats MUST have this food.

Importance Level: High


Food is the most important item to help your Stray Cats Breedable™ Cat grow to a healthy adult cat and into it's breeding cycles.

There is a small menu that allows an On/Off button for the hovertext percentage as well as set the range of the item (default is 20m).

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE USING V3 BOWLS for your Version 1.44 Cats, our current version.

Using your cat food:

You can either get the bowls needed from our Cat-HQ, or if you have our Cat-HUD v1.44, you can click MENU, and there are options there to ‘Get Food Bowl’  and ‘Get Milk Bowl’.

Do that for each kind, and when you rez them out they will ask for permissions.   Please accept so that you can purchase more foods directly from them.

You will simply, right-click on the bowls, and purchase the amount desired.  And they will be refilled.

All food and milk is stored on our server.   

Only a little bit at a time is brought into SecondLife for safety.

You will note there is an S # and an R # on each bowl = together they equal the total about of food / or /milk that you have.  

The S value is what is still on the server; the R value (Rations) is what is inworld at this moment.  

The Range on the bowls is now automatically set at 20m.  If you have cats spread out further than that, you will need additional bowls out.  You can adjust the range on the cats to something larger, to expand this default range.

With these food (and milk) bowls, you can rezz several around wherever you might have your kitties placed (different sims, auctions, whatever).  

The food (and Milk) information/stats are stored on the server, and the amount you have will be shown in each and every bowl you place out….whether 1 or 15.

NOTE:  You should not put out tons of bowls.  One set of bowls per 12-15 cats is recommended max.


Cat Food Facts:

▼  Cat Food is essential for your cats growth, without it, they won't have healthy stats for breeding as adults.

▼  With each bowl purchase, approx. 32.5 units of food it added to the bowl.  Each cat eats ONE unit of food per day so that one bowl will last  one cat for one month.

 (if you have 32 cats, they will each each one unit of food and

that bowl will last you one day)

▼  Each refill of food costs 150L and will refill 30 units (enough for 1 unit per cat per month)

▼  There is currently only 1 type of cat food available from Stray Cats Breedable™

▼  Cat Food is No Mod, No Copy, Yes Trans.


Stray Cats Mood Booster - Milk

A Mood booster is something to keep your cat or kittens happy. ツ  Milk is optional if you do not intend to breed your cats.  However, your hovertext WILL GO RED because their happiness will not grow without Milk.

Importance Level: High


Every cat deserves to be happy, and we all know how much kitties love their toys, beds, and most of all treats! Mood Boosters are one of the most important items your Stray Cat Breedable™ Cat should have nearby to keep them happy and entertained. Without their happiness at a healthy level, they will not be able to breed or produce a kitten.

Milk Mood Booster lasts approx. ( 1 ) cat per one ( 1 ) month.  Mood is only essential during desire/heat gain.

-<-------About the Milk (same as Food)

There is a small menu that allows an On/Off button for the hovertext percentage as well as set the range of the item (default is 20).


Mood Boost Facts:

▼  Mood Boosters are essential for your cats healthy growth to adulthood and breeding.

▼  Cats do not have to be 100% happy all the time to grow and breed, mood boosters only help keep them at a steady happiness level. As long as your stats are "green", your cat is good.

▼  Mood Boosters last approx. ( 1 ) cat per one ( 1 ) month.

 With each bowl purchase, approx. 32.5 units of milk is added to the bowl.  Each cat will eat ONE unit of milk per day, so one bowl of food lasts 1 cat 1 month..

 (if you have 32 cats, they will each each one unit of milk and

that bowl will last you one day)

▼  Each refill of  milk costs 100L

There is an updated v1.3  Emergency Kit at HQ.

It will fix those pesky shells that don’t get their objects during birth (fatal error)

Also shells that fail to birth properly, and stuck pregnant females.

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You can  always chat in the

* Stray Cats Breedables *

Main Group

and speak directly with one of our knowledgeable CSRs to assist you promptly.  

The whole community is very helpful

 and willing to share information :)

Or contact Nic♥  (Nicolyti Resident) General Manager

For assistance

Stray Cats Breedables, (Not affiliated with LL)             Email Contact:   straycatsbreedables@gmail.com

Stray Cats Marketplace


These Kits are only needed if the text on your cat has turned ‘black’.    Health kits are applied on the server.


You do NOT actually receive any item in your inventory.

Use your HUD then Webtools, and

apply by clicking on the red button

next to the sick cat.  

In-world please take the cat into inventory and re-rezz out for the fix to occur.

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