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  Stray Cats - Design-A-Kitty Contest

♦ SUMMER 2023 ♦

Following the success of previous Design-A-Kitty Contests, we are doing it again!

Show us your creativity!


For release in August, 2023.

Note: There can be no 3d images (anything that comes out of the body).  If you have an idea for an attachment, please tell us.  It might (or not) be possible, but we would love to hear!  

Also, if you use any images from the internet, they MUST have full permission for re-use.


Deadline for submissions:   JULY 20TH @ NOON SLT

Voting will begin:  JULY 21st, 2023 @ 9 am SLT

Voting will end:     JULY 27th, 2023 @ 12 noon SLT


Send your designs (full perm) to Nicolyti Resident in-world.

One Design Submission per person.

Images for voting will be set out on our Bast sim.

Minimum 4 designs submitted requirement to hold the contest.

For proprietory reason,  we cannot give out cat textures, but you can create your designs on the provided cat outlines (GET AT THE BOTTOM Of THIS NC)


About Voting:

Only one vote per person per design.

Please, no tp-ing friends and alts.  

This is NOT a popularity contest.

(If this occurs, the contest will be canceled. Sorry.)

Only the members and breeders of our kitties can vote, as it is for them.   

We want their choices to be the deciding votes for the new Limited Kitten :)


The winning design will be recreated (as best Nic♥ can) to fit our cats.  

If there is time, Nic will try to make the second place also.  *Try*   

But 2nd place will receive an acknowledgement plaque.

There is no monetary reward for this little contest but the winner(s) will have their designs used and receive credit on the website. Winning designer will also receive an LE, male or female of their choice.

By submitting your ideas, you agree that Stray Cats can use the winning design freely and completely without cost or renumeration of any kind.

So go get those creative juices flowing....!

I can't wait to see your creations.