Second Life’s Best Cat Breedable Ever!

Stray Cats Breedable

Walking with your kitties in-world

We are working on better interactions, but still, you can hold your kitty now or walk with it attached to you.


Simply right-click  'WEAR' or ‘ADD’ from inventory - (remember to  right-click ‘detach’ to return it to inventory, or to 'drop' when finished and it will remain inworld).   

If the kitty does not go into the placement you want, like in your arms, or on your shoulder, for example,  you simply (after adding or wearing) right-click and edit the kitty to the place you want it.   After that, the placement will be remembered for the next time you wear that kitty.

Make sure your cat's animations are Off.....then once the kitty is worn, and in your arms, you can click the cat, and on their menu,

'set a pose' - try lounge, for example.


From inventory, right-click on the kitty and ‘ATTACH TO AVATAR CENTER’.  

Its position  will vary depending on your avatar’s size, height, etc., so right-click, edit and move the cat to the ground wherever you would like it.  

DONE!  It will walk with you, with the walking animation, sit when you stop, TP with you all around the SL Universe :)   

Please remember, if you are attaching a kitty that is not a “Purrmanently Yours” yet, they will require food after a short time.  So this attaching is best done with a Purrma-cat.