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April 2023 Contest Winners:  

            1st-MoonlightSprinkles      2nd-Alex (Tabiya Resident)     3rd-Caileigh Inglewood      


 Taking submissions for May kittens up through June 2nd!! Send to Nic♥ inworld!

Latest Pelts Added:

Faboo SeaCat - Stormy

Faboo Fox - Periwinkle

Faboo Lion - Charcoal

Faboo Cheetah - Cream/Lilac

Faboo Hedgehog - Emerald



Lightning ICE is at HQ now!

Our latest and last one of this series.   

It can be bred to release 2 new Pelts:  Aurora Blue & Ice Opal

As well as awesome new ‘Ice Age’ Eyes and new ‘Pink Frost’ Shade!

It can release these new pelts on 5 of our breeds to start off:

Broken Hearts, Bleeding Hearts, Candy Hearts, Pointed Loves andddddd…

Faboo Butterflies~!

Breeding Excellence Award Monthly Contest

Did you know that you can search for specific kitties IDs by using the Search-Description option in your SL inventory?

Open your inventory.

Click on the gear (settings) ‘to the left of the + sign low down’

Look about ¼ of the way down and you will find ‘Search By’  - Choose Description.  In the white box at the top, type in the ID you are looking for, like 790022 and hit ‘enter’.

Pretty darn cool!

Don’t forget to go back to the gear (settings) and change the Search By back to ‘Name’.

Tip ! Welcome!

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Going on Now!

April Winning Cat

Pelt: Faboo Lemur - White/Red

Eye Color: Ice

Eye Shape: Almond

Pupil: Swirl

Ears: Scottish

Tail: Fluffy Bob

Shade: Coffee Latte

Body: Slender

What’s Coming Soon:

- SL 20th Birthday is in June and there will be a commemorative LE for it :)

- Special RFL Weekend Event June 10-11th  you won’t want to miss!

  New colors will be available for purchase for RFK charity!                                    


Spring Yard Sale - Going On NOW!

There is an area right outside our HQ designated with tables for your use. Feel free to sell Strays, or resell gachas you have, or maybe things that you have made (but please no other breedables).   Clean out some of your old stuff (inventory :)  Find deals!   There is a NC for more info at the site.  This will run 2-3 weeks.  Open-ended at this time. Have fun!

No LE on at this time.

Next Design Contest:

For our Summer LE, we are again holding a design contest to let all you creative people get artistic !!

See all the details *HERE*