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Faboo Cheetah - Cerise

Faboo Dragon - Tropic Bloom

Faboo Giraffe - Sky Blue

As some of you may know, we are currently working on a new Update that will tweak some small things, but mostly, add a ‘Market’ option right there on the cats/shells menus.  We know this will be super-handy for everyone.  You can also still list on Market via Webtools, like you have been.  We are in the final stages and testing now, so release will be very soon.   This will be an optional Update - you don’t HAVE to do it - and any cats you may update will show v1.44a and will work with 1.44 in terms of mating, and eat from the same V3 bowls, etc.  We are looking forward to it!

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Stray Cats

Spring LE is on NOW!

Turns on:  May 15th, 2022 @ 6pm SLT

Turns off:  May 30th, 2022 @ 6pm SLT

Please, as always, wait for the in-world notice for confirmation when it’s ON!

Giving you a big heads up this time……please read


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Did you know that you can search for specific kitties IDs by using the Search-Description option in your SL inventory?

Open your inventory.

Click on the gear (settings) ‘to the left of the + sign low down’

Look about ¼ of the way down and you will find ‘Search By’  - Choose Description.  In the white box at the top, type in the ID you are looking for, like 790022 and hit ‘enter’.

Pretty darn cool!

Don’t forget to go back to the gear (settings) and change the Search By back to ‘Name’.

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