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BREEDER OF THE MONTH - Runs every month

Deadline for submissions is always the 2nd of the next month.

 See here for Rules.  

FEBRUARY Submissions are due by MARCH 2, 2021 - get to Nic inworld!

Shade and Non-Shade Versions Available at HQ

Don’t forget to ‘ACCESSORIZE’ ! Lots of Attachments to add and beautify! Choose from a wide variety  Available at HQ!

Winning Kitty:

Pelt:  Siamese - Gray Skies

Eye Color: Air

Eye Shape: Mystical

Pupil: Ring

Ears:  Fold

Tail:  Flank Curl

Shade: Blue Flare

Body: Slender

JANUARY 2021 Winners:

1st - ALEX

2nd - NIA


OLD SERVER IS NOW GONE.    Any of you with 1.43 or earlier versions of cats, they will no longer function.  You MUST update them to Version 1.44, our current version.   For all v1.44 cats, you will need V3 bowls.  Old V2 bowls no longer work.

Please delete V2 bowls, update your cats to version 1.44 and get the new V3 bowls.

REMEMBER!  Your foods are stored on the new server in your account.  V3 bowls will automatically load your food and milk.

UPDATER AND BOWLS, AND NEW HUD AVAILABLE AT CAT-HQ - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bast/220/130/31

If you do still have older versions, you can update them if they are yours.   You cannot update older cats/shells or use them in any way if they were given or purchased AFTER November 1, 2020.

Please contact Nic (Nicolyti Resident) to fix.

Do NOT BUY OR SELL v1.43 or earlier versions of cats. Their ownership will NOT change.  They will not work.

The latest ELEMENTAL is out

Elemental Fire!

This will bring two new pelts, Cerise & Marigold, to all 5 tabby breeds!

The very first one was ‘Air’.  This works with our 4 Siamese breeds to unlock two new pelts for them.  


You can only purchase with 10,000 Stray Points.  →at CAT-HQ now!

Zodiac Cats

Stray Cats Now have a Flickr Page

Join and Share today!!!



Next to HQ

Message Nicolyti Resident  if you would like to display and sell your creations  !

There is a little quirk (that we are working on) with v1.44 - when you pass a kitten/shell to someone that person needs to rez it out once to change ownership, and then again, before it’s fully functional.  Sorry for this temporary inconvenience.

Free At HQ now!  Smiley Bandana!

Wings - Angel, Dragon and Bat !

Fangs, Bows, Hats, Scarves, Moustache, Tiara, Pearls, Ruffles, Bread,  Halos, Goatees, and soooooo much more!!

NEW NEW NEW - Winter Scarves!

We are always adding new things.  Personalize and beautify those kitties!

Have a look :-)

Simply use the arrows on the bottom of the vendors  to see all the color options available!

Figurine Collectibles of Shells

New…Litterboxes and TP! Check out our Headquarters! Grab as many as you like

Stray Cats Holiday Design Theme Breeding Contest has ended.       Congratulations to the Winners!!!  Great Job!

1st - KateLP Resident

2nd - Bellemorte Blackheart

3rd -  Rina Allen                                                                                                                                       See the Diorama images here →


Currently you can win A WINTER SCARF for

your kitties!!

Like all attachments, it will go onto your dashboard to apply.

Potion Resizers


1 - Makes your adult cat ‘kitten’ size permanently.

 This feature does not pass.

2 - Makes your adult cat 6x larger in size.

This feature does not pass.

There is an updated v1.3  Emergency Kit at HQ.

It will fix those pesky shells that don’t get their objects during birth (fatal error)

Also shells that fail to birth properly, and stuck pregnant females.

InWorld LM



File a Ticket

InWorld LM



You can  always chat in the

* Stray Cats Breedables *

Main Group

and speak directly with one of our knowledgeable CSRs to assist you promptly.  

The whole community is very helpful

 and willing to share information :)

Or contact Nic♥  (Nicolyti Resident) General Manager

For assistance

Stray Cats Breedables, (Not affiliated with LL)             Email Contact:   straycatsbreedables@gmail.com

Stray Cats Marketplace


These Kits are only needed if the text on your cat has turned ‘black’.    Health kits are applied on the server.


You do NOT actually receive any item in your inventory.

Use your HUD then Webtools, and

apply by clicking on the red button

next to the sick cat.  

In-world please take the cat into inventory and re-rezz out for the fix to occur.

Need More Help? Coming up…..

Design-A Kitty Contest

For our Easter LE!

See all the details here

Deadline for submission:  March 21, 2021

Then we vote!


Strawberry Dipped

Begins Friday, February 12, 2021 @ 6pm slt.

Ends:  February 27, 2021

@ 6pm slt.

This is a random drop LE available to any breeding kitties.

Good Luck!!!