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Stray Cats Breedable

What’s Goin’ On…

Latest Pelts Added

Rust Pelt color - onto both Tortoiseshells and the Faboo Lemur

Periwinkle Pelt color - onto Solids, Bibbed & Modern Tuxedos

Night Camo Pelt Color - onto Magic Nights, Faboo Tigers & Ladybugs

Summer Limited Edition (LE) starts AUGUST 11th, 2022 @ 6pm SLT !

Please always wait for notice inworld when it is on.

This will run from August 11th - 26th, 2022 @ 6pm SLT.

It will a possible random gift kitty to any breeding cats you have during this time.

Comes with new CRYSTAL AQUAMARINE Eye!

And look, the live kitties even get a little Island bead necklace!

Remember to turn it on (acc2)


We will be releasing an Event LE and TWO (you heard right) new Faboo Breed!!!.  Faboo SeaCat and Faboo Koi.   More info to come soon.

Elemental Metal at HQ!

Available at our Cat-HQ, using Stray Points only.

It unlocks two new pelts, Titanium & Patina, onto these breeds:

Bicolor, Bengal, Snowshoe, Snowshoe Tabby, Sphynx

Happy Breeding!!!!

Did you know that you can search for specific kitties IDs by using the Search-Description option in your SL inventory?

Open your inventory.

Click on the gear (settings) ‘to the left of the + sign low down’

Look about ¼ of the way down and you will find ‘Search By’  - Choose Description.  In the white box at the top, type in the ID you are looking for, like 790022 and hit ‘enter’.

Pretty darn cool!

Don’t forget to go back to the gear (settings) and change the Search By back to ‘Name’.

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